Each project has its own characteristics and unique risk areas, which require the attention of experts to efficiently allocate and coordinate resources to produce balanced and focused independent project reviews. We know what it takes for a Mining Project Review to provide assurance, highlight the areas of risk, and provide clients with the necessary real, defensible project information to meet the standards of the investment community and provide realistic forecasts.

Mining Project Review

To identify our client’s highest-value opportunities, address their most critical challenges and provide expert advices & solutions in field of Mining.

Mining Risk Management

Sometimes due to uncertainty of objectives, many projects come across various unwanted surprises that may cause damage to entire top line/bottom line. Mining Risk Management deals in analysing probable risks & managing such risks to tolerance level. We process and integrate large and varied spatial data sets of mining information. Outputs can be analyzed and compared, allowing for multi-disciplinary decision support and implementation of unique and cost effective solutions.

Few of mostly recommended services are

1. Satellite remote sensing
2. Geographical information systems
3. Integrated information systems
4. Integrated information management
5. Environmental databasing
6. Mapping