Open Pit Mine Design

Our Engineers have strong operational and technical backgrounds and have gained substantial experience in mines employing a multitude of mining methods. Our solution and advice are not only practical and workable, but take account of appropriate technical, economic, social and environmental considerations. We are dedicated to identify the best option for project development and produce client-focused solutions to technical challenges. With the growing need to bring projects into production more quickly and on budget we can accelerate the process for mining companies by supplying quality consultants to supplement the client’s own technical resources to achieve the desired outcomes within the project time frame. Our personnel will ensure appropriate decisions to guide project development are made the earliest opportunity and are committed to reviewing what aspects of project advancement can be done in parallel to minimise the risk of any rework.

Open Pit Mine Planning & Scheduling

By deploying best practice mine planning, scheduling and process improvements, mines will reap direct and indirect cost savings, and become more productive, predictable and profitable. We believe that each mine is different, but key to deploying best practices is the use of a modern integrated mine planning and scheduling solution that can keep pace with the incoming mine data, ensure accuracy in mine modelling and plan output, facilitate information sharing, enable the mining of complex geographic areas, and free up valuable human resources to focus on continual improvement and operational excellence.

Mining Geology

In any mining operation, understanding the geology of the orebody and waste rocks is fundamental for successful resource estimation, geotechnical engineering, mine planning and mineral processing.Better geological interpretations at the mine scale improve grade control, mine planning and profitability. With a unique combination of structural geology and practical mining experience, we can assist you to improve your mine development, operations and near mine exploration. Our integrated mine models give you better near mine exploration targets, mapping and grade control, reduce the risk of misdirecting ore and unintentional dilution, and improve the reconciliation of your mine.

Mining Economics

We provide end to end mining economics of entire project to check the financial health of project. Commodity price and macro-economic assumptions are frequently required as input to our experts which include:.
1. Technical studies requiring input for cut-off grade determination and optimisation analysis for Mineral Resource and Ore Reserve reporting;.
2. Benchmarking for comparative cost of production analysis;.
3. Financial Models (link to service statements) for comparative assessments of economic performance.
4. Mineral Asset Valuations (link to service statements) for reporting in regulatory documentation prepared for the equity capital Our approach in this regard is to provide a simplified independent benchmark which enables objective comparisons with those associated with the specific mandate at hand. This approach does not seek to replace the detailed supply-demand-price analysis as normally completed by recognised market specialists and accordingly where named reliance is required (e.g. public domain documentation) we recommend that these market specialists be appointed separately. Therefore our expert team continuously work on these requirements by analysing commodity prices in real time during the project..

Few of our mostly recommended services are :

1. Near mine geophysics
2. Structural analysis
3. Advanced 3D modelling
4. Resource estimation
5. Mapping
6. Site-based structural geology training
7. Grade control system design
8. Sampling and reconciliation audits
9. Geotechnical mapping and modelling
10. Geometallurgical assessment and modelling